7 Prime Vegetarian-Friendly Places To Travel

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Trying to stick to a restrictive diet whereas travelling is often troublesome, and should even deter vegans and vegetarians from sure destinations that generally have meat- and seafood-heavy cooking (we’re viewing you Japan).

While you’ll have a tough time obtaining by in places like European nation and France that always embrace meat and farm in each meal, vegans can haven’t any downside intake delicious, sapid food in these prime twelve vegan-friendly travel destinations!

1. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Vegans, we want to require time and follow self-care. One in all the most straightforward ways in which to try to that’s to surround yourself with nature and animals. And what higher thanks to feeling invigorated and driven to fight for animals than going whale observance on the East Coast? Right within the heart of P-Town could be a tiny dock with boats that take you to check a number of the foremost majestic animals on our planet today: humpback whales, right whales, minke whales, and fin whales. Seeing these whales within the wild can energize you to continue fighting the business fishing industry’s use of driftnets. And for dinner? Cape Cod includes a slew of restaurants with vegetarian choices. Make sure to arrange ahead!

2. Capital Of Mexico, Mexico

Now, this can be undoubtedly a bucket-list item! Capital of Mexico is home to a number of the foremost photographic places on the earth, together with Las Estacas Parque Natural, Tepoztlán, Piramides American state Teotihuacan, and also the Castillo American state Chapultepec. (My workfellow Joe recently went there and that I was the green-with-envy Instagram follower.) And if you’re hungry (who square measure we tend to kid?), stop by Forever Vegano for guac hummus, Temictli for a vegetarian tortilla chip tower, or Pan D’Monium for vegetarian burgers. Live más, vegans!

3. Toronto, Canada

Canada is one in all the foremost stunning countries within the world. From superb nature parks to gorgeous coastlines and unbelievable cities, you may make sure to own a blast. Home of North America’s largest veg food competition, provincial capital offers a range of all-vegan restaurants and cafes. One country in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood could be a must-see. Referred to as Vegandale, the block is home to many vegetarian institutions, together with Doomie’s, The Imperative, and also the recently opened Mythology Diner, with food by beloved vegetarian cook Doug McNish.

4. New York, New York

I sleep in NY, therefore this isn’t a summer destination on behalf of me. However, I wouldn’t be doing my due diligence if I left it off this list. ny town is that the town of vegetarian dreams, with regarding 600 vegetarian restaurants. Walk around Manhattan with doughnuts from Dun-Well or burgers from The cinnamon roll. Whereas you’re there, head to Brooklyn for breakfast sandwiches from plantation merchant and luxury food at Champs Diner. (P.S. Dun-Well conjointly includes a location in Brooklyn. Vegetarian doughnuts ALL. DAY.)

5. Denver, Colorado

Didn’t suppose you’d see the geographic region on this list? Suppose again! The centre of the country is home to a number of the prettiest places on the earth (here’s lookin’ at you, Utah). However, state capital holds a special place in my heart. With one in all the foremost stunning backdrops around, it’s on the point of the mountain range life Refuge. On my first drive across the country, I finished by and saw a slew of untamed animals, together with bovid and cervid. I conjointly need to attempt some delicious vegetarian foods. Must-try vegetarian spots square measure Beet Box, Native Foods, Sputnik, and Watercourse. But wait, they even have Nooch vegetarian Market! Each vegan’s dream!

To build 2020 the summer, you may always remember. Pack your luggage, hop in your automobile, drive to a destination, and look into the vegetarian food scene.

Want to drive across the country as I did? We’ve got some tips for you.